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I picked mine.
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Musings on LeviHan and the dynamics of the two most misunderstood veterans in the Survey Corps


You know, everyone talks like Levi’s Hanji’s sort of common-sense handler or something, but that’s not right. Thinking like this is a disservice to both of their characters.

Hanji doesn’t need a handler—she’s a zealous scientist and dedicated leader who happens to have a multi-faceted personality. She gets extremely excited, but why should that be a problem? On numerous occasions she demonstrates empathy to the extreme—an important quality for someone in her situation. Her methods may be unusual, but they get results and have led to massively improved understanding of Titans and probably saved many lives. Her abilities as a leader and strategist are also highly valuable. She’s constantly underestimated by people who don’t take the time to look past her boisterous mad-scientist act.

Levi is not there to be responsible for everyone. He’s a small man with amazing skills and a grouchy exterior who cares deeply for those in his life and has a remarkable passion for cleanliness. (Which while everyone thinks is weird and makes fun of him about, even though in reality it’s probably saved them from lots of sicknesses and also boosted their pride and morale.) He’s smart, efficient, and one of the best leaders you could ask for. He’s not a shallow, crabby perfectionist. Levi is a deeply complex and highly misunderstood man. Far too often, people dismiss him as nothing more than a strange, antisocial man who happens to be skilled and attractive.

Really, he’s just as weird as she is, just in slightly different ways. They’re both kind of crazy, messed-up, misunderstood weirdos who bumble along together. That’s why I love them so much. They’re both underestimated by everyone except their close friends, and I think the fact that both of them are highly stereotyped and misunderstood is one of the things that makes their bond so strong.

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This is disgusting.

I heard about the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge thing today it’s fucking sick and there is a petition to get those sick bastards in prison for what they did. Please sign it.

Signal Boost!!

As someone pointed out yesterday, it’s really telling that the word “abuse” and “abuser” isn’t mentioned here at all. Instead, it’s “bullies” and “bullied”. Fucking hell no.

This is honestly so inhumane and disgusting
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Ophiuca | "Oceana"
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