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Male Writer: Ah, anniversary jokes are so funny. Because chicks always hate it when you don't remember anniversaries! A plus gold very original
Male Writer: Mother in laws amirite?
Male Writer: My male character who is an author insert of myself pines after a woman I used to pine after in high school. Then they have sex. This is good literature.
Male Writer: Ugh female books are so romance filled
Male Writer: And girl fanfics, so mary suey
Male Writer: Now listen about this original middle aged man who is an expert in everything, suffers from ennui, looks like me, acts like me, and gets all the girls i want.
Male Writer: She was sexy in an alluring, boring way, filled with purple prose and riddled with objectification
Male Writer: If i make a female character parrot my misogynistic views, they cease to be misogynistic! Are you saying you don't respect my fake female characters opinions, feminists?
Male Writer: a good action girl is one who looks hot at all times
Male Writer: If the female main character got in an asskicking line, my work is Feminist with a capital F and no one can criticize me
Specifically White Male Writer: Heroic tropes are so overdone. I'm going to create a boring white guy with stubble to be a completely original antihero no one has ever seen before TM.
Same Guy: It's original because he is a jerk who gets away with bad behavior, just like I wish i could.
Another Specifically White Male Writer: It's in my universe to only have white men do things in my book. I mean, don't you care about historical accuracy
Same Guy: I mean, it's a generic fantasy verse with no real life time period equivalent and i haven't done any research, but i'm SURE that it's historically accurate. To that dark mideval dragon fighting europe period
Same Guy: Where in Europe? Who cares!
Male Writer: There is no better way to introduce a female character to a male character than by him saving her.
Male Writer: Characters hating each other is good sexual tension!
Male Writer: One female character and five male characters is a good team balance
Male Writer: If my female character chooses to act in a sexist tropey way, it's not sexist. In fact, because she CHOSE to do it, it is Feminist.
Male Writer: I am original
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Shit, that’s rough. Unfortunately, without much information on the situation itself, I can’t do more than generalize; on the other hand, I have a fuckload of experience with breakups, nasty and otherwise. 
The thing about breakups is that everybody asks for advice but nobody actually wants to hear it. So I’m going to preface this a little bit. (Plot Twist: A somewhat serious post by Brödinger’s Hat.)
Simply put, shit gets sour because nobody wants to be the bad guy. We’re fed certain things about how relationships are and aren’t supposed to work, and we’re fed them pretty much all our lives. Your Disney romance ideals, so to speak.
I’m sorry to any romantics present, but a lot of these things are stupid and some of them are actually destructive. These ideas have a nasty habit of getting in the way of basic social processes like conflict resolution.
This is because we’re taught that somebody has to be at fault. 
And nobody wants to be the one at fault.
The thing is, nobody has to be at fault. And even if someone is at fault, it may be excusable. Fault can be absent and fault can be- and usually is- shared. Sometimes things just don’t work out.
The best advice I can give you is to be rational about the situation. Be brutally honest with yourself. If it’s a fault thing, step back and really, actually look at it; when somebody fucks up, you’re seeing the sign of an underlying problem. Cheating, for example, isn’t usually a sign of someone being a terrible person or someone else not being able to please them. It’s the sign that there’s a problem in that relationship that isn’t being addressed, and sometimes that problem isn’t going to be fixable.
And yeah, you might be- probably are- attached. You can adore the everloving shit out of someone, but love doesn’t cure all ills. That’s a lie we’ve all been told, and it’s an awful one. You cannot change your partner, and you should not try. They may not be perfect to you, but chances are, they will be to someone else. Accept that.
There are almost seven billion people on Earth. At least one of them will make you happy being exactly who they are and love you for exactly who you are. Be patient.
This ties into the other possibility of nasty breakups- the hang-up. Unfortunately, if the other person is hung up on you, there’s fuck all I can do, sorry. If it’s you, then it’s the same deal- you have to be brutally honest with yourself.
Very few people want to be alone. Seeing as you’re one of many people who doesn’t want to be alone, the chances of you genuinely being forever alone for any other reason than your own conviction that you will be is pretty tiny.
Whatever the circumstances, don’t lash out. Or at least try not to. 
If the issue lies in your partner behaving obsessively or aggressively towards you, seek help. Whatever they may say, if a person threatens self-harm or harm to you or any of your loved ones, this is no longer just between the two of you. Do not assume they won’t act on it. Do not assume they’ll eventually give up.
Someone who resorts to aggressive manipulation is not doing it because they love and miss you.
They don’t love you. They may think they do, but the fact that they fail to recognize that an issue exists outside of their need to control you means that they’re missing a fundamental component of a healthy relationship: Trust. It’s a word that gets tossed around a lot, but it’s absolutely essential.
Someone who does not trust you to make your own decisions and feels entitled to manipulate your behaviour doesn’t view you as a person.
They view you as an object.
And you are not in a position to dissuade them, nor should you assume that you can. Seek help.
This is all mad general advice because I don’t know the situation at hand, but it’s all relevant for the basics of dealing, which goes:
Identify the problem. Why are you breaking up? Is it fixable? It is worth fixing? Do you really want to fix it? (Your friends and family do not get a vote. This is not a democratic process. This is your decision.)
Gauging your own reaction. Okay, so you’re breaking up. What happened? It is something that requires follow-up action, legal or otherwise? Are you taking it too seriously? Not seriously enough? Will it matter in a year?
Gauging your partner’s reaction. Are they the kind of upset and angry that just needs to be left alone for a while? Can they be reasoned with? Are they lashing out?
Are you at fault? Do you need to apologize? (This is hard. It’s still something you need to know how to do to be a decent human being.)
Are they at fault? Do you need an apology? Will you be able to handle the possibility of never getting one? Would an apology even be enough?
How are you going to resolve this?
Assuming neither of you are being crazy enough to warrant seeking assistance, distance yourself. No hooking up again. Don’t fall into that hole. You broke up for a reason.
And the one nobody ever likes to hear:
You may never be friends again. 
Sorry. Even if you are, it’s never gonna be the same as it was, and you shouldn’t try to make it. Attempting to erase your time with someone is insulting in the worst way.
I hope at least something in this mess of an answer is helpful. 

I wrote a breakup advice post once and I still stand by everything I said.
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| "This is Levi's fucking voice actor"
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Wings of Rebellion | "Episode 1 PREVIEW"
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Happy 25th, Mother, you fabulous game series, you!
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